Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Knits

So school started yesterday and already I have reading to do and a poem to write before Friday and I have another class tonight, which will lead to more reading. I'm not complaining. I really enjoy it. I love all the classes I'm taking: History of the English Language, Creative Writing, TESOL II, Narrative as Ethics, and Argumentation. I'm more excited about the first three classes though, especially the writing one.

I've been writing poetry and short stories since the fourth grade, but life has gotten in the way (and looming lol) and I don't write as much as I'd like to, so hopefully this class will help.

Anyway, here are my new creations:

The base of the pattern is from the Adult Ballet Slipper, a class I took on Loom Knitters on Yahoo groups. I added the kitty embellishments. Ignore the black string on the side of the slipper: I haven't had a chance to sew on a button, but wanted to show everyone the tail. :)

Also, I made a little piggy. This pattern is for sale for anyone who is interested. Just leave me a comment with your email address and we'll talk or you can just email me. Here's his pic:

Coming Soon: The Cowardly Lion

As soon as I get some time this weekend I will finish the pattern and post the pic.

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Anonymous said...

This pig would be cute with a round tube like nose about 1-1.5" long, basket weave end then embroider on two nostrils..... and make a crochet curly tail :o) oink oink