Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmastime is gone

*Lets out a long sigh*

Christmas is over and I have to admit I was a little burned out on knitting so I took a few days off. Being so busy with school caused me to put making all my gifts off until the last minute, putting me in a knitting frenzy most of December. That plus the stress of research papers and finals makes me glad I don't go back to school until the 9th of January.

So today I've posted pictures of some of the gifts I made: hats (including a kitty hat), purses, pillows, and a scarf. Unfortunately the gift giving went a little fast for me and I didn't get to take pics of all the gifts I gave out (mental note: take pics before you give them away!) So next time I see my family I have to take pics of the ballet slippers I made and the earflap hat. Both of which came out great: the earflap hat was done in camo yarn and to make the ballet slippers less slippery I put glue dots on the bottom in the shape of my aunt's name.
I started knitting again yesterday and finished a blue cable hat for myself, which I'll post next time. I also made up a pattern for a Phantom object I want to make for myself since last week marked my two year phan-niversary (the day I was introduced to The Phantom of the Opera and became a phan).
And I am finally almost done with the second panel in my grandmother's blanket! These two skeins of yarn were starting to seem never-ending lol. I'm just trying to focus on this panel being done and not how many more I have to do to fit her full-size bed.

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The Sick Chick said...

Are the kitty and "pixie" (pink) hats loom knit? Can you tell us how you did them or point us to the patterns if they are elsewhere? :)