Sunday, December 30, 2007

To Frog or Not To Frog? What a Dilemma

Decisions, decisions.

So I finally finished the second panel to my grandmother's blanket. I should be doing Ren and Stimpy's Happy Happy Joy Joy dance, but now I have a problem: this second panel I just finished was completed on a different loom than the first panel. I did not realize at the time what a big difference this would make. The first panel, made on the KK yellow round loom, measures about 54 inches long by 19 inches wide. The second panel (pictured below), was made on the KK long blue loom and measures about 35 inches long by 21 inches wide.

Now I have to figure out how I can make these different size panels work to complete a full-size blanket or I have to decide which panel I should frog. :( Grr.

On a lighter note, now that grandma's blanket is temporarily off the long loom I can use it for two other projects my fingers have been itching to create: the Phantom project I mentioned in my post from earlier today and Isela's waves shrug. The Phantom one has to come first, of course, not just because I am a huge phan, but also because it will not take as long as the waves shrug.

Okay, now that I've whined for a bit, I'm off to ponder my dilemma and watch the Colts win tonight.


Amoonsinger said...

Another thing you might note is the difference in the stitches after having done the piece on looms with different sizes of pegs and gauges to those pegs.

If the length of them were the same then I would say to make another of the panel with the shortest width and put the wider one as a middle section, but they don't even match that way.

Also you should check the difference in the row heights as that will affect putting the two panels together.

I would consider how long it took to make each panel and then decide what to do. If deciding to use the 54lx19w you will probably have to make two more panels the same sizes to have a total of 57 inches wide, while with the 35lx21w you will need one more panel to make a 42 inch width.

The trouble with the last one is that it is too short, but then 54 inches long is not very long for an afghan, unless grandma is very short. See I am short and I am still 62 inches standing. When you lay down you gain inches. For myself I average around 70 inches long for an afghan, for my hubby it has to be at least 80 to 85 inches to fit him, but then he is six four.

I know not much help but there are things you have to look at and then decide.

~Robin~ said...

Hmmmm, I am really trying to think of a way to fix the afghan.
Maybe you could make another panel on the yellow loom (the same size as the first one). Then you would need to make 2 smaller panels to stitch to the top and bottom of the panel that you made on the blue long loom. That way your panel from the blue loom will be in the middle of the blanket and the ones from the yellow loom will be on the edges. Only problem would be trying to figure out exactly how many pegs to cast on to make the smaller panels, but I would assume that you would make them about 9 1/2 inches long to fill up the 19 inch space difference in the two panels. Did I even make any sense?!

Anonymous said...

How about using decorative stich like a \/ or even running stitch across the afghan where the stiches change and then every 15- 20 inches so looks like was planned stripes-use contrasting colors and loom needle and should go fast-could even go for Indian type pattern? or do this decorative outline of rectangles so looks like quilt effect and the different stitches won't be evident. Sometimes accidents cause the most creative results! Debby Butler